Laffs Comedy Caffe - Tucson, Arizona

Thursday Open Mic Night
Show @ 8 pm
[Doors @ 7]

Friday Shows @ 8 pm
& 10:30 pm
[Doors @ 7]

SaturdayShows @ 8 pm
& 10:30 pm
[Doors @ 7]

2900 East Broadway
Tucson, AZ 85716
Get Directions to Laffs
(520) 32-FUNNY

Southern Arizona's Premiere Comedy Venue

Laffs Comedy Caffe' is not only the oldest comedy club in Arizona, it's the only club in Tucson. It has been continuously running since 1988.

Laff's has live stand-up shows by nationally touring comedians every Friday and Saturday night (2 shows a night!). Laff's also hosts a weekly Open Mic Nite every Thursday where you can get a glimpse at some of the Southwest's up and coming stars in the comedy world and even jump on stage yourself.

In fact, the list of comics who've gotten their start at the Laff's clubs is long, illustrious & filled with household names. You never know who you might catch in the act of rising to the top here at Laff's!

Here's a great example of the names who've played Laff's here in Tucson

  • jerry seinfeld
  • jenny jones
  • rhonda shear
  • ellen degeneres
  • carol liefer
  • elaine boosler
  • rita rudner
  • liz winstead
  • kevin nealon
  • gilbert gottfried
  • david spade
  • pablo francisco
  • mitch hedburg
  • tommy chong
  • jeff dunham
  • paul rodriguez
  • george lopez
  • louie anderson
  • kevin 'dot com' brown
  • brett butler
  • tim allen
  • robin williams
  • richard belzer
Outside Laffs Comedy Caffe Well, it's a painted window You'll have to use this device to continue Until he gets sick of it, you'll have to prove to Ben Dietzel that you belong here Dingo is a doctor Umm Look at the colors, man where is everybody Open Mic Photos Believe it or not, this pic is from 2011, not 1985 This guy REALLY knows how to count Simon! It's ok to have fun up there. That's the whole point! Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Hugh Laurie from House? Robert Mac! From the Internet! It's up to you to guess what he is saying, based entirely on his hand Thank you Tucson! Better listen up. That's what that posture means. No doubt Just imagine he is holding a massive wad. (of cash) Here is a secret. His comedy powers emanate from the hat One day Simba this will all be yours I thought horizontal stripes were a fashion faux pas.... Hand gestures are the root of all comedy. That, and jokes.